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Leap Second - M. Caye Castagnetto

Album: Leap Second

Artist: M. Caye Castegnetto

Label: Castle Face

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A


From the tripped-out melodic vocals to the exceptionally eerie use of samples and instrumentation Peruvian experimental artist M. Caye Castagnetto’s debut album Leap Second is a psychedelic ride you’ll be glad you bought a ticket for. Through Thee Oh Sees frontman John Dwyer’s label Castle Records, the five-year-long project is a conglomeration of samples recorded by a variety of artists including Beatrice Dillon, Aileen Bryant, and is inspired by Castagnetto’s experiences living in Lima, Twentynine Palms, and London. Sounding like a monster movie soundtrack by CAN went through a cement mixer with Pink Floyds Animals and a heavy dash of acid-laced Buddhist chanting Leap Second somehow manages to sound like nothing I’ve heard while also being early reminiscent of 60s psychedelic experimental with the flare of current neo-psych.

A favorite track of mine, “Stopping You”, features heavily layered vocals sounding vaguely like if Ween’s album The Mollusk was simultaneously slowed down but also cranked up to perfect insanity. Backed by a tinny percussion section, deep wavering tonal accompaniment, and a plethora of out-of-this-world instrumentation, “Stopping You” is a prime example of the sheer creativity and mastery of Castagnetto’s vision.

If you have any inclination towards mind-bending musical noise and you’re safely buckled up for a ten-song thirty-six-minute performance, I would highly recommend checking out Castagneetto’s debut album Leap Second.

Sounds Like:

1. CAN

2. Nico

3. Jon Dwyer

4. Ween

Recommended Tracks:

1. ​ Stopping You

2. Mi Mentira

3. Hands on the Business

Reviewer’s Name: Jack Hardy

Date of Review: 04/05/2021

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