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Kaskade- “Arkade Destinations Iceland”

Album: Arkade Destinations Iceland

Artist: Kaskade

Genre: #EDM, #House

Label: Arkade

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A


“Arkade Destinations: Iceland” is a brand new addition for Kaskade’s series called: “Destinations”. The series itself is a compilation of various artists streamed for said location(s) featuring artists such as Mr. Tape, Late Night Alumni, Classic Unknwn and more. As Kaskade started the series in Tulum, Mexico back in 2018, this time it continues in Iceland. This recent album primarily focuses on House. Simply describing the album into one word would be: “Chill”.

The album has a mix of ambient and electronic rhythms that release pure eccentric vibes. Going through my first listening of this album, it gave me the impression that the series itself wants us as the listener to feel as if we are apart of this location that it is set in. There are songs that are simple and have build-up; making it become more intricate. This album in my opinion serves as two different functions for the listeners which is dance or chill and it definitely shows through each track which transitions well with one another. I definitely would suggest giving this a listen; this is a set guaranteed to make you move.

Sounds Like: Finnstagram, Lipless, Frankie Shakes

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Sneaker Wave

  2. It’s Raining Pretty Hard

Reviewer’s Name: Matt Ingargiola

Date of Review: 10/18/19

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