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Is this really a "Bad Life"?- Review on Bad Life- Omar Apollo, Kali Uchis

Album: Bad Life (feat. Kali Uchis)

Artist: Omar Apollo, Kali Uchis

Genre: #Alt #AltPop #Pop

Sub-Genres: #indiepop

Label: Warner Records Inc.

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A


Silky, dreamy and maybe even a bit creamy.

This is how one may describe the veil of this melancholy melody.

Mexican-American singer-songwriter Omar Apollo teamed up with beloved Colombian-American artist Kali Uchis. A collaboration is not new for the duo for they teamed up on their steamy project, "Hey Boy" a little over a year ago.

The single opens up to a few acoustic strums being played, Apollo's voice enters effortlessly. The guitar ruffs then intensify as they bring in Apollo's harmonies backing his own vocals. The chorus brings in a magical, light and airy string section. Kali Uchis then begins her part. The stinging lyrics are distracted by her smooth vocals. Then, nearing the end, the two harmonize in perfection and the rest leaves you in a blissful daze.

Omar Apollo's lyrics reflect on a seemingly upsetting relationship. He discusses the disconnect between the two partners and how maybe his partner craves him for just his body and not his soul. Kali backs this up by saying she will leave this individual because of their selfishness and lack of depth emotionally.

At the end we can hear Kali saying "Do you hear me? I don't believe any of that", expressing her distrust in not only her partner but the relationship as a whole.

The song is a "must listen to" and is perfect if you are in a calloused, hurt yet elegent mood.

Sounds Like:

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Photo: Bad Life Single Cover- patsmalagon

Reviewer’s Name: Zoe Montano

Date of Review: December 13, 2020

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