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If I am Only My Thoughts – Loving

Album: If I am Only My Thoughts

Artist: Loving

Genre: #Folk

Sub-Genre: #Indie, #LoFi

Label: Last Gang Records

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A

Description: “If I Am Only My Thoughts” is the first studio album by the Victoria, Toronto based band Loving. The album pays homage to the way most people often feel as though they are simply floating along in life and have no sense to take charge of their circumstances. The album features a combination of sustained unsettling piano fades, dependable beats that feel like the first sip of coffee on a Sunday morning and above all they have an ability to mimic the ways in which nature would sound if it could compose. The album draws on my influences in order to craft it into a succinct project. The track “Write a River ” opens up with a Spanish infused guitar riff however when the vocals start to come through the track is transformed into a serenading of forgotten memories as the artist reflects on their life seemingly beside a river. Even though the project as a whole is not directly a concept album there are definitely central themes of transcendentalism prose found within the lyrics and seemingly weightless beats.  

Sounds Like: Artists- (Weyes Blood, Fleet Foxes, Summer Salt) Life- The feeling of walking in a crowded city or silent trial and whether you are surrounded by people or completely alone you suddenly catch yourself reflecting on your own life and how you are or are not in control of your circumstances. 

Recommended Tracks:

1. Nihilist Kite Flyer

2. Simply Moon

3. Growing Flowers By Candlelight

Reviewer’s Name: Peyton Riegel

Date of Review: February 13, 2020


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