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I Don't Live Here Anymore by The War on Drugs

Album: I Don’t Live Here Anymore (Single)

Artist: War on Drugs


Label: Atlantic Records

Non-Airable Tracks: n/a

​ Following A Deeper Understanding, four years have passed before the announcement of their new full length LP, I Don’t Live Here Anymore. The War on Drugs are the synthesis of the of grandeur of Pink Floyd, with the intimateness and songwriting ability of American folk legends like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. I immediately enjoyed their last two projects for the combination of old and new, especially the way vision and influence seemed to coexist.

The latter of two singles, I Don’t Live Here Anymore, leaves behind the balladry of A Deeper Understanding for a textured approach to stadium rock. The opening guitar layering immediately reminds me to the likes of Tom Petty’s most beloved moments, where the chorus only reinforces my suspicions. Back-up singers and steady synth backing add a beautiful pop bounce to the song.

Compared to the melancholia of their previous work, I am enjoying the emotional 180º of their new single. Adam Granducie’s lyrics are something to be admired as well, offering maxims as an exercise to the listener. I will be looking forward to the rest of the album come late October.

“Time surrounds me an ocean/My memories like waves/

Is life just dying in slow motion?/Or getting stronger every day?”

Sounds Like:

1. Kurt Vile

2. Tom Petty

3. Arcade Fire

Recommended Tracks:

1. ​ I Don’t Live Here Anymore

Reviewer’s Name: Sam Johnson

Date of Review: 9/21/2021

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