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I did NOT know you could mix rap with screamo

Album: January Tape

Artist: Witch Mob Frost Guild

Genre: #HipHop, #Emo

Sub-Genres: cloud rap, emo rap, post-emo, skramz

Label: self-released

Non-Airable Tracks: the whole album, dawg

Description: I don't know if any of you guys know poorly wrote suicide note (PWSN for short), but they're a new screamo project, about a year old. So the person behind PWSN, Ash, apparently is a part of this project, along with a Kelly. I only heard of this album after seeing PWSN released a new album on Bandcamp. only to find it was under the artist name "Witch Mob Frost Guild", and then if you look for it on Spotify you can check the credits of the songs, so that's how I know their names.

Anyways, Witch Mob is like if Yung Bruh (old Lil Tracy for you losers) did screamo. Because dawg literally screams on these beats and he eats on it. I haven't gone out to look for the lyrics of the songs personally, but Spotify marked them all as explicit. The lyrical content I can hear though is definitely reminiscent of other emo/vamp rappers. Ash is giving into the aesthetic too, with the dark fantastical themes observed in their artist name and song titles. I like the beats, too. Since it's DIY it's not a polished sound, as is common with post-emo acts like Your Arms Are My Cocoon, but that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed!

One of the first artists I thought of when I heard Witch Mob was Chase Plato, who is also a new artist in the post-emo scene that combines emo and rap in a way our emo rappers from 2017 couldn't. Chase Plato has labeled himself as 6th wave emo, and I've been wondering which other bands would join him in his 6th wave. I initially thought Chase was creating a platform for more colored artists, as a black man himself, but I'm not sure what he envisioned when he labeled himself. If it doesn't go against the pioneer 6th wave emo's wishes, though, I think Witch Mob Frost Guild is an honorable nomination to join Chase Plato in 6th wave!

Sounds Like

  1. Yung Bruh

  2. Your Arms Are My Cocoon

  3. Chase Plato

Recommended Tracks




Reviewer’s Name: Azrael Andersen

Date of Review: 02/22/2024

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