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I am a Rock Believer - Scorpions Newest Album Review

Album: Rock Believer (Deluxe)

Artist: Scorpions

Sub-Genres: #heavymetal #rock

Label: Universal Music GmbH


After too many years, Scorpions dropped Rock Believer (Deluxe), a sixteen-track rock album that proves that they have not lost their touch. The album has an hour and four minutes run time. Their new album is a must listen to anyone who is a fan of their previous works or rock in general. With electric guitar riffs reminiscent of their 1984 album Love at First String, their new album is refreshing and nostalgic. They have managed to stay true to their sound without creating an album that feels too familiar.

Thanks to ever-advancing music production, the album has all the classic complex rock elements you would want with a more precise sound. Lead vocalist Klaus Meine still packs a powerful and full tenor sound at 73. The album is full of energetic guitar by Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Paweł Mąciwoda, and snappy drums from Mikkey Dee. The entire album is filled with lyrics referencing the decades of music they have made and, hopefully, the years of music to come from the group.

The title track, Rock Believer, one of my personal favorites from the album, is more of a top-radio-friendly song with catchy lyrics and fun backing tracks. Yet the album offers something new and experimental with "Shining of Your Soul," which sounds darker than other songs and leans more towards metal. However, "Knock 'em Dead" offers the full-out rock sound that made them one of the best-selling hard rock/heavy metal bands to date. The album concludes with an acoustic version of When You Know (Where You Come From), a great addition. The acoustic version of the song emphasizes Meine's voice and provides the melancholy conclusion that would have been missed if the album was to end with Crossing Borders. Rock Believer (Deluxe) in its entirety is a well-rounded, cohesive album that provides a song for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their affinity to rock.

Sounds Like:

  1. Alice Cooper

  2. Whitesnake

  3. Quiet Riot

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Rock Believer

  2. Shoot For Your Heart

  3. When I Lay My Bones To Rest

Reviewer's Name: Rose Prendergast

Date of Review: 03/14/2022


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