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HUNNY's "new planet heaven" Sure is Heaven!

Album: new planet heaven

Artist: HUNNY

Label: Epitaph Records

As someone with a “Have you listened to you HUNNY today?” sticker on the bumper of my car, I was certainly looking forward to the release of HUNNY’s sophomore album, new planet heaven. HUNNY’s members, Jason Yarger, Kevin Grimmet, Joey Anderson, and Jacob Goldstein, have created a unique sound that I love and constantly recommend to friends and family. With previously popular songs like “Televised” and “Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me),” HUNNY is sure to deliver infectious Indie Rock/Pop tunes. Additionally, I have to give props to HUNNY for purchasing and naming a star after this album; that is dedication!

While listening to the 12-track album, I was happy to hear the classic HUNNY sound, amplified by the memorable vocals of lead singer Jason Yarger. I love this album’s use of synth and piano in tracks like “bothering” and “sixteen stitches.” HUNNY even included a shoegaze track, “my own age,” and delivered some slow and moody guitar that I was 100% entranced with. I am also a sucker for a saxophone solo, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear one at the end of “89cc.” Derek Ted, the producer and fellow musician (who is worth checking out as well), enhanced HUNNY’s sound and gave me something interesting to hear in every song.

Now, on to my favorite tracks. “Ring in ur ear” features Justin Courtney Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack, specifically in the chorus and second verse. Their voice compliments HUNNY’s sound so well. This song is so catchy, and I really enjoy how pleasing the instruments sound together. This song has the classic HUNNY rock sound that I adore from their previous work. The “ring in ur ear” music video is also silly and goofy and helps visualize the song’s vibe. Is this my favorite song on the whole album? Yes, absolutely.

“Nothing amazing happens” is a simple song with a punchy chorus. I love the contrast between the verses and the chorus that follows and precedes. The drums in this track have me tapping my foot and bopping my head. The ending outro is strong and in your face and probably my favorite part of the entire song. Needless to say, I will be listening to “Nothing amazing happens” a lot!

“All my luck” strays away from the rock sound and hits you immediately with groovy guitars, percussion, and piano. This track is everything you look for in a feel-good song with good vibes. The lyrics are sweet and innocent and make me go, “Aww!” The underlying drum is subtle but really adds to the song, especially during the satisfying chorus. “All my luck” is a song that I will be frequenting when I am in the mood to dance!

Wow! New planet heaven sure is heaven to my ears. HUNNY will be at the Nile Theater in Mesa on November 19th. I’ll definitely be there, belting the words to old and new songs; I hope to see you there!

Sounds Like:

  1. COIN

  2. Wallows

  3. Waterparks

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​ring in ur ear

  2. nothing amazing happens

  3. all my luck

Reviewer’s Name: Cami Wisneski

Date of Review: October 10, 2023

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