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Holocene: A Remedy for the Soul

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Single: Holocene Artist: Zella Day ft. Weyes Blood Genre: #indiepop #pop Sub-Genres: #alternative #indie Label: Hollywood Records Non-Airable Tracks: N/A Description:

If you have ever walked through a meadow on a Summer's eve, then you know what it is like to listen to 'Holocene' by Zella Day (feat. Weyes Blood). Both of these artists have been close friends for years and to hear both of their sultry styles come into collaboration is a treat, to say the least. The song as a whole brings upon the feeling of yearning for what is supposed to feel right when all in the world seems wrong. The sensory imagery brought upon the listener by the description of the weather, time, place, and season is all too familiar for someone who wants the cold weather when it is still Summer. The concept of time is greatly referenced within the lyrics, acknowledging that despite where two people are in the world and what they may have in common, time passes and changes both parties independently of their coexistence. While this feeling can be daunting, the instrumentals of the song make this melancholy feeling into a right of passage. As if this fate cannot be avoided, but rather than resisting it, allowing the time to pass will be all the less painless if met with sincerity and pure intention of growth. As the song progresses, the lyrics become more personal. Day references her long-time friend who has a purpose and place attending college in Colorado, while she is stuck thinking that not all people have a place to call home or motivation to find purpose. Regardless of whether or not an individual has a purpose, time goes on "forgetting no one" and ages us all in the same manner. In truth, this song is quite disheartening, given the state of the world at the moment, when so many aspects of our lives can feel as though they are in disarray. However, if you are looking for a fresh track with melodies that carry an infant into a dream state of pure bliss, look no further than ‘Holocene’ by Zella Day and Weyes Blood! Sounds Like:

  1. Weyes Blood

  2. Lana Del Rey

  3. Borns

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Holocene

  2. My Game

  3. Jerome

Reviewer’s Name: Peyton Riegel Date of Review: 2/6/21

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