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'Hardcore Heaven' - Alice Gas

Album: Hardcore Heaven

Artist: Alice Gas

Sub-Genres: #breakbeat #hardcore

Label: 909 worldwide


Alice Gas came in hard and fast with her debut album, Sorry For Being Famous, and immediately blew everyone out of the water. With her happy-hardcore and bubblegum electronica sound, she reinvigorated the love for 90’s hardcore. She was recognized very early on for her talent, and grew an audience incredibly fast. This first album contained a lot of hyperpop influenced vocals and more structured beats, that of which did not carry on through her new release Hardcore Heaven.

The new album opens with an incredible announcement that prepares the listener for the journey they are about to embark on, as well as samples the smosh “shut up!” (which is very awesome). It is filled to the brim with some consistent dance beats that anyone can bop around to. None of the tracks on Hardcore Heaven have lyrics to further focus more on the mixing, which is something that separates it from her previous work. The album is particularly tame for hardcore as it didn’t inflict me with a migraine, but rather helped me type an essay really fast. She plays with a lot of DJ tags and breaks that keep things entertaining. I would definitely recommend listening if you enjoy electronic music.

Sounds Like:


  2. SOPHIE (not reallly)

  3. Vierre Cloud

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Hardcore Heaven

  2. Another Day

  3. Hardcore Worship (Interlude)

  4. Nonstop!!!Forever!!!

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