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Gracie Abrams' "This is What It Feels Like"

Album: This is What It Feels Like

Artist: Gracie Abrams

Genre: #pop #Top40

Label: Interscope Records

Non-Airable Tracks: The Bottom


Los Angeles born and raised, Gracie Abrams released a 12 song EP, "This is What It Feels Like". The album's title is based off of the first track "...Feels Like". The album opens up with this track with subtle piano keys, then brings in Abram's airy vocals and a guitar ode to early 2000's edgy pop. This song sets the tone of the album, very poppy, very teen and if anything the song writing reminded me a lot of Taylor Swift's Red era.

The second song "Rockland" includes the same acoustic guitar and has a very organic song writing structure. The song also takes an interesting angle, with Abrams taking the role as the heart breaker. The third song "For Real This Time", reminds me of a melancholy version of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe". The song discusses a rocky relationship and the final goodbye after tries before. Track, "Camden" is soft, subtle and incredibly sad. "The Bottom", "Augusta", "Painkilers" and "Wishful Thinking" would make great title tracks. With strong hooks and easy story lines, they make established pop songs. The final track, "Alright" is dreamy and discusses Abrams struggles with mental health and her self medication to her struggles. This is by far the most personal song on the album.

This is a must-listen to if you are into bedroom pop, it is also incredibly interesting to know that Abrams is opening for Olivia Rodrigo's SOUR tour.

Sounds Like:

  1. Cardigan- Taylor Swift

  2. Bubbly- Colbie Calliat

  3. The Rose Song- Olivia Rodrigo

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Alright

  2. Hard to Sleep

  3. The Bottom​

photo- this is what it feels like album cover​

Reviewer’s Name: Zoe Montano

Date of Review: December 15, 2020

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