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Got Muscle (Single) – GoldLink

Album: Got Muscle – Single

Artist: Goldlink ft. Peewee Longway and WaveIQ

Genre: #Hiphop

Sub-Genres: #Rap

Label: RCA Records

Non-Airable Tracks: Got Muscle


“Got Muscle” is a pretty straight-forward, chill song. Throughout the track, there’s a constant cycle of a four-note melody and a trap-like riff. Goldlink’s part in this track was much slower and more chill than his other stuff. To be honest, I didn’t think Peewee Longway and WaveIQ suited Goldlink’s voice as much as other collaborations. The background beats lacked variation and were a little plain for my taste. Overall, this track was nothing particularly special.

Sounds Like: Duckwrth

Reviewer’s Name: Nicole Kim

Date of Review: 2/5/19

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