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Good Bad Times – Hinds

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Album: The Prettiest Curse

Artist: Hinds

Genre: #Spanish #IndieRock

Sub-Genres: #lofi, #garagerock

Label: Mom+Pop


The latest tune from the Madrid-based all female quartet Hinds does not disappoint.

This song is the start of a new era for the group. It brings together their classic indie/punk sound with some modern tech and effects while still feeling intimate and thoughtful. The song has a light, upbeat sense to it but the lyrics describe a rough end to a relationship. After listening to it many times and doing the research and writing of this post, it feels very personal and has almost a raw, exposed quality. The contrast between the feeling of the song and the meaning of the lyrics provides an interesting allusion to the process of working through a breakup.

The lyrics in this new song (as well as their other music so far) have such a simplistic and direct way of conveying emotions and experiences that resonate with a wide audience. It starts out with the lines “It’s a good day, with my pretty boy on my arm like in the movies, we’ve got a montage and a song” – describing an almost perfect moment in time with a lover.

The next part describes a strange juxtaposition – the speaker talks about wanting “more and more and more” of their lover, but then notices their lover seems scared of losing them. The last line of the pre-chorus sets up the chorus perfectly: “You’ve got it all wrong”

The chorus then goes into “You’re turning good times into bad times”. This line combined with the last line of the pre-chorus generate the sense that the speaker is tired of reassuring their partner. The next line “now that you’re no longer sleeping with me” shows they’ve left them because of it.

The second verse gives more of the speaker’s mindset: a quick translation from Spanish shows the speaker says the partner is looking for constant reassurance and validation to assuage their fears and the speaker is tired of it.

The pre-chorus repeats with slightly different lines. Again translated from Spanish, a new side to the story is brought to light. The speaker says they feel like they have an owner they have to answer to – another reason why they left.

The original pre-chorus is repeated, emphasizing the two extremes the former partner displayed in their behavior and how they treated the speaker.

Sounds Like: Sunflower Bean, Soccer Mommy, Diet Cig

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Reviewer’s Name: Haley W

Date of Review: 27 Feb 2020

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