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Goes West by William Tyler

Album: Goes West

Artist: William Tyler 

Genre: #Alt #Indie

Label: Merge Records

None-Arable Tracks: None

Description: William Tylers gentle strumming of his guitar instantly put me in the homework mode. Whether it is background music, a long drive, or cooking breakfast in the morning “Goes West” has the soft melodic ratio for a calming and neutral experience. Each song containing its own unique set of sequences surprisingly had an occasional gloomy or melancholic finish. Trying to guess the emotions that were running through William Tylers mind when he wrote this is not easy to depict.

Sounds Like: Steve Gunn

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Alpine Star – soft upbeat start with a smooth melancholic finish

  2. Not in our stars- slow chill vibe

Reviewer’s Name: Claudia Book

Date of Review: 1/1/19

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