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Get Thrashed: Deep Dive into Thrash Metal

Production Company: Kundrat Productions and Saigon1515 Productions

Streaming Service: Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Tubi

Release Date: October 3, 2006

Rating: Not Rated

Description: This documentary, really helps portray what exactly Thrash was and is. Getting the full breakdown from how it started, what inspired it, and how it continued throughout the music world. So many elements that were portrayed and brought up in this film were done well. The film brings up that full-on timeline of the formation of thrash metal. Additionally portraying the enthusiasm it brought out of metal fans.

Bands Portrayed:

When looking at how this documentary was filmed I like how it set a more personable tone. Keeping the cast mostly of the bands in that era of music. That had fully experienced what thrash was at the time in the 80’s. Lightly adding the fans of thrash and their perspective towards it. But most importantly, the bands who pioneered the thrash movement, known as the “Big Four of Thrash”.

Which are Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Including three of “The Big Four of Teutonic Thrash” from Germany, Kreator, Destruction, and Sodom. As well as introducing the perspectives of bands who were inspired by this sound of rock. Some of these bands were Slipknot, Exodus, Lamb of God, Testament, Death Angel, Pantera, the list goes on. When having actual people who were around the thrash era. You know as a viewer you are getting the full genuine experience of what that period was like. While explaining how thrash got to where it was.

The Impact:

One of the main things I liked about this film was its impact on the music industry. In addition to exhibiting how the fans were committed to this genre of music. By going on to show the fashion trends inspired by thrash, and fans expressing their emotions of excitement/commitment they felt towards it. Showing that a sense of community was well depicted. Then towards the end of the documentary talking about the “final days” of thrash.

Referring to the tour “Clash of the Titans.” The tour had Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies, and Alice in Chains. It was explained after the “Clash Of The Titans” tour ended, the new genre of music called grunge started to gain popularity in the music industry.

With all that being said its fall to popularity didn’t stop. The documentary explained bands like Pantera. Who carried on with the impact and influence of thrash. With going on to talk about how thrash has still and will impact future generations of rock bands.

The documentary also showed the honesty of hardships the rock stars had on the road. Along with describing the grueling process of selling an album. Adding both the positive along the negative, to me brought out a nice balance.

Photo shot by Kevin Hodapp

My Ranking:

Overall the documentary was very entertaining and knowledgeable to watch. And I recommend it to anyone who is still new to the metal genre and wants to know more about its history. As someone like me who still considers herself a newcomer to the rock metal scene. Listening to the music but also learning more about its roots, has always made me more interested in this style of music. I give it a rank of 7 out of 10. Go check it out!

Reviewer Name: Josie E. Shivers

Date of Review: 11/17/2023



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