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Gemini Rights- a Capricorn's Take

Album: Gemini Rights

Artist: Steve Lacy

Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Non-Airable Tracks: Static, Helmet, Mercury, Bad Habit,Cody Freestyle, Give You the World

Description: HE'S BACK! Though it wasn't terribly long the world went without a new Steve Lacy album, the anticipation leading toward his summer drop was unlike any album before. Ultimately, Lacy uses Gemini Rights as a means of reinvention, one that certainly did not disappoint.

Like most of the world, my introduction to Steve Lacy came when I recognized C U Girl was “that guy featured on the Kali Uchis track”. Since then, Lacy has become one of the leading talents in modern funk & R&B, two genres that have seen drastic revitalization thanks to Lacy and similar artists. In previous works, Lacy dove right into a very nostalgic, effervescent sound, with tracks such as Hate CD and Playground being two personal favorites.

Gemini Rights changes the narrative.

On his newest, while Lacy has shown us what the late night piano bar feels like, Gemini Rights is the wave of exhaustion when we finally arrive home. As someone who doesn't hardly ever listen to albums all the way through, the leading singles Mercury and Bad Habit were two very relaxing tracks that were nothing groundbreaking coming from the artist. It wasn’t until my first listen all the way through I realized the new ”hard pill to swallow'' message Lacy conveys through the mellow, dream-like rhythm for a majority of the tracks. It is certainly a bittersweet departure from the comfort Lacy has given us in past albums, however, it’s nothing shy of a “welcome home” in tracks such as 2Gether and Amber that don’t entirely let go of the classic sound we have come to know and love.Creating a dimmer ambience that I personally found very refreshing, Gemini Rights is the “stop and smell the roses” reminder we all needed. It will certainly be exciting to see where Lacy will take us in this new era.

Sounds Like:

  1. Blood Orange


  3. The Marias

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Helmet

  2. Amber

  3. Buttons

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