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From 2 to 3: Peach Pit's sad summer vibes continue

Album: From 2 to 3 Artist: Peach Pit Genre: #alternative Sub-Genres: #indiepop #indieRock #surfrock ? Label: RCA Non-Airable Tracks: Lips like yours, Pepsi on the House, Last Days of Lonesome Description:

From 2 to 3 is Peach Pit's most recent release and has in it everything there is to love about their previous works. The slow sad summer vibes continue with this release.

Before I get any further, I need to admit my bias. I love this band, and I have loved them since the release of their first ep "Sweet FA" in 2016. One of my favorite albums on vinyl is a copy of their self-released debut album "Being so Normal." Their music always immediately brings me back to the summer after my freshman year of high school in a uniquely good way.

This album fits right into the sound of theirs that I've always loved, and even without the lense of nostalgia, it stands on its own. It encapsulates the somber summer vibes that thematically resonate throughout their discography. It also manages a musical sophistication and polish representative of them having signed with a major label.

Lead-singer Neil Smith is quoted in an interview with TotalNtertainment as saying "from 2 to 3 is a collection of songs that were written late at night, alone in a small apartment with a hushed voice so as not to wake anyone." Which is exactly the energy that the album gives off. The energy of quiet summer late nights reminiscing on some good times and some bad times.

Overall, I highly recommend this album. Sounds Like:

  1. Hippo Campus, Men I Trust, The Backseat Lovers

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Vikki, Look Out!, (all of them)

Reviewer’s Name: Lachlan Craddock Date of Review: 4/25/2022

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