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FNAF Characters as Tyler, The Creator Albums

Five Nights at Freddy's and Tyler, The Creator albums: two very different but equally iconic (and arguably sinister) forms of entertainment. So let's compare them, shall we?

After speed watching a few FNAF lore videos to refresh my memory, here's my opinion on what each of the FNAF 1 characters would be if they were a Tyler, The Creator album.

1. Freddy: Flower Boy

When you think of Tyler, The Creator, what is the first album that comes to mind? I feel like most people would answer this question with Flower Boy. When you think of Five Night's at Freddy's, who is the first animatronic that comes to mind? Obviously, I think most people would answer with Freddy. Not much of an explanation for this first one, just a gut feeling. Freddy is the face of the FNAF series and Flower Boy is one of Tyler's most iconic albums, representing a huge turning point in his career. Therefore, I think they make a perfect match.

2. Bonnie: Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb. You either love it or you hate it. It is arguably one of Tyler's most controversial albums. Some are intrigued by the album's range of funk and jazz beats but others are put off by the level experimentation, often causing this album to be forgotten. Similarly, Bonnie is a controversial character in the FNAF series. Some express no fear of the animatronic, while others believe he is the scariest out of four main characters (including the creator of the game, Scott Cawthon, himself). However, after eventually having the front part of his face ripped off and being left the rot in the back of the restaurant as Withered Bonnie in FNAF 2, he, like Cherry Bomb, was also lost within the shadow of the other animatronics.

3. Chica: IGOR

This one is not based off anything other than vibes. Chica's cupcake is pink, the IGOR album cover is pink. When you're listening to the album, the upbeat, danceable music in the tracks "EARFQUAKE" and "I THINK" make you feel as if everything is going to be okay, just like Chica's seemingly friendly design. All of the sudden, BAM you are jump-scared by the loud, bass-heavy intro to "NEW MAGIC WAND". Don't let the colorful first impressions of either of them fool you.

4. Foxy: Call Me If You Get Lost

Again, not much of an explanation for this one. Foxy is a pirate, wearing an eyepatch and a hook and being located in the pirate's cove section of the restaurant. Call Me If You Get Lost has a boat on the front of the album and what do pirates live on? Boats. The answer is boats. However, I do think that some of the album's tracks align with Foxy's storyline. In the bite of '87, Foxy chopped off a kid's head like a "LUMBERJACK", causing his "MOMMA (to) TALK", and what was Foxy's reaction? "SORRY NOT SORRY".

5. Purple Guy (William Afton)- Goblin

"I just wanna drag you lifeless body to the forest"????? This line from the Goblin track "She" literally sums up William Afton: a sadistic serial killer who murders little children just like Tron Cat from the Goblin storyline who in the track "Tron Cat" says, "You got a - death wish? I'm a genie it'll get done". It makes no sense other than to pair FNAF's most violent character with the darkest out of all the Tyler, The Creator albums.

6. Golden Freddy- Wolf

Wolf. Not as bad as Goblin, but still has some questionable lines. Similarly, Golden Freddy is definitely one of the scariest characters in the first FNAF game (I mean, just look at the picture) but not nearly as concerning as the murdering psychopath William Afton. Plus, the soul trapped in Golden Freddy's body was the fifth and final kid that William Afton murdered. Not having a place in one of the four main animatronics, he was stuffed in the Golden Freddy suit and pushed aside. This is just like how Samuel was pushed aside in the Wolf storyline after his girlfriend, Salem, started hanging out with Wolf.

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