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Flying By Candlelight (ft. Marty Longstaff) – Above & Beyond

Album: Flying By Candlelight (ft. Marty Longstaff)

Artist: Above & Beyond

Genre: #RPM

Sub-Genres: #Vocal #Trance

Label: Ajunabeats

Non-Airable Tracks: None


For those of you know don’t follow EDM, Above & Beyond is among the upper echelon of talent in the world. Three British men form this group that has been pumping out trance hits since the start of the millennium. Nearly 20 years later, they’ve captured us yet again with their new track Flying By Candlelight. Featuring the amazing voice of Marty Longstaff from The Lake Poets, this track is reminiscent of old trance, with a bouncy bass, long chord progressions, and an overall good vibe throughout the track.

The song begins with an atmospheric synth moving in the background as Marty Longstaff’s voice emerges in the void. The chords cut out and a single melody picks up the pace. Quick, off-beat notes hold all the momentum until the bass and kick are introduced. From there, more instrumentation is added and the bass synth continues to become more prominent as it’s filter is automated, releasing higher frequencies. As the vocal climax is reached, much of the instrumentation fades away leaving the bass, percussion, and main synth. Again, through the next 64 bars, the bass gains grit and subtle piano melodies play in the background, fading between the stereo speakers.

The instrumental climax comes to an end as everything fades out and a piano progression plays beneath the beat-setting snare and clap. Marty’s voice enters the scene again with the same soothing voice as before. The lyrics are nearly identical to the first verse, showing that the purpose of this song was to highlight the instrumental arrangement. A common approach in EDM, this allows listeners to focus on the marvelous production ability of the creators.

Unlike the club mix, the drops are softer in this track; they don’t feature the heavy synths that drive festival tracks. Flying By Candlelight is a mellow tune, but Above & Beyond have made a club edit that they have been playing all over the festival circuit. This is a festival banger, and if you are interested in the melodic and progressive feels brought on by trance, give it a listen.

Overall, this track is a great addition to chill EDM playlists everywhere. The general vibe can best be described as a song you can move to. If you’re looking for a song to take you on a musical journey, take a listen to Flying By Candlelight.

Sounds Like: Ilan Bluestone, Andrew Bayer, Sunny Lax

Recommended Tracks:

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Reviewer’s Name: Ryan Carlson

Date of Review: 3/13/19

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