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FKA Twigs' New Album Caprisongs


Artist: FKA Twigs

Genre: R&B, Electronic, Pop

Label: Young Recordings Limited

Description: CAPRISONGS is FKA Twigs' 3rd released album which is an experimental R&B mixtape that dives into love, sadness, and her outlook on her life. FKA Twig’s voice is angelic and seductive on every single track which draws listeners to get lost in her music. When I listen to this album, I fall into a trance because I am fascinated with her voice. It is very soft with a slight auto-tuned effect which adds to the amazingness of the album. Each track contains diverse beats that make this album so unique and different from any album I have heard before. Many of her tracks contain parts of dialogues that add to the complexity of the story of each track. She also includes fun interludes that flow with the tracks and complete the album. This album is very sexy, feminine, and fun and speaks to a female audience. FKA Twigs features collaborates with many artists on this album such as Pa Salieu, The Weeknd, Shygirl, Dystopia, Rema, Daniel Caesar, and Jorja Smith.

Throughout the tracks “minds of men”, “which way”, “darjeeling”, and “thank you song”, FKA Twigs discusses difficult and serious topics such as male vulnerability, loneliness, confusion about life, and more. The production of these tracks adds to the importance of these topics. I would recommend listening to these tracks in a peaceful environment where you can carefully listen to the lyrics and absorb them to feel the full impact of these tracks.

The tracks “honda”, “pamplemousse”, and “papi bone” are lighter tracks and cover topics like smoking in her car, going out with her friends, and spending the night with “papi”. These tracks are the livelier tracks of the album and can lighten the mood of any event. I would recommend listening to these tracks either by yourself or with friends when you want to have a fun time and sing along.

There are 3 interludes in this album which include “caprisongs interlude”, “track girl interlude”, and “christi interlude”. They range from a full-on dialogue to only one-word sounds. These interludes flow with the album and are great breaks in between tracks to break up the album. My favorite interlude is “christi interlude” because it is a spoof on astrological charts and living your life based on your signs and the planets.

Overall, this album is very sexy, experimental, and feminine and is a great album to get lost in the tracks. I could listen to this album every day for the rest of my life I am in love with each track, and I am obsessed with her voice. FKA Twigs did an excellent job creating an album that is new and fresh and tries new techniques that are not often heard in music. I will continue enjoying this album and I am excited to see what she will create next.

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