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"Everyone is a Light" Album by Olivia O.

Album: Everyone is a Light

Artist: Olivia. O

Release Date: September 8, 2023


Label: Olive Osby

Non-Airable Tracks:


The first album from Olivia O. in a moment and it did not disappoint! I am an avid fan and long-time listener of both Olivia O. and her band Lowertown, and it is like a piece of myself that I did not know was missing just appears anytime a new release happens. Definitely feels like I am getting spoiled with all these new releases, but I will not complain, rather I am so grateful. Olive released “Hickory”, “In the Air”, and “ Wax 2” in the weeks leading up to the drop of the album, and it felt like I was receiving little breadcrumbs leading up to the release date. I felt like that mouse eating M&M’s and I was just eating it up.

On Olive’s Instagram, she spoke about how much this album means to her and how it is a collection of songs over the span of 3-4 years, and I think it is reflected well in her album. You can hear slight differences among the songs and tie them back to her previous works and hypothesize when each song was written. Olive’s vocals are just so perfect, that I need to be fully immersed and actually listening when I play them, so you will not see this album be background music.

The vocals sound more distorted and muffled than Olive’s vocals in Lowertown. I love the sound of “Fetch” and how it sounds like Olive is shouting into the microphone, similar to “My Friends” from the “I Love to Lie” album from Lowertown just not with the same amount of energy. I recommend this whole album and I give it a 10/10, this album will be on repeat for the next few weeks without a doubt. Also, I would appreciate a possible west coast tour in the future, just a thought.


  1. Lowertown

  2. Fox Academy

  3. Sundots

  4. Ezra Williams

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Wax 2

  2. Burn

  3. Hickory

  4. RolyPoly

  5. Fetch

Reviewer’s Name: K Galich

Date of Review: September 21, 2023

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