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Errunhrd and the Journey of Rain

Album: You Can Be You, I Can Be Me

Artist: Errunhrd

Errunhrd is the creation of Niagara Falls artist Shirin Ghoujalou. She has slowly crafted her dream-pop sound throughout previous projects culminating in the new album You Can Be You, I Can Be Me, self-released November 19th, 2021. The result is a raw yet matured sound that perfectly correlates with the marriage of melancholy and lowly hope that is underlying throughout the album.

The lead single Ruminate (Meditate) strongly represents this theme as the combination of synths and drums encapsulates what I believe Niagara Falls would feel like, yet the vocals lead me in a different, darker direction. Another track that creates a perfect balance is the track Eternal Consciousness which mixes in pleasing hums over melodic synths. The closing tracks I Want Someone Pt. I and I Want Someone Pt. II offer a satisfying conclusion to an experience of genuine, overwhelming emotion that left me ready for more.

Overall, the duality that is presented throughout the project leads listeners on a journey that will undoubtedly leave them with an existential hangover. It is a brutally honest perspective on not just music, but also the world that we share. A perspective that exemplifies that there cannot be beauty and peace without sorrow. This looks to be the current purpose of Errunhrd, and this album portrays that message beautifully.

This new project has proved itself to be thoroughly enjoyable. I have found it to be one of my favorite alt-pop records of 2021. I recommend any listener looking to be put in a trance by a dream-pop symphony to give the album a listen.

Sounds Like:



New Order

Recommended Tracks:

Ruminate (Meditate)

Eternal Consciousness


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