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"Enjoy" Sure Was Enjoyable!

Show Lineup: Bad Vacation, Dumb F*cks, Enjoy

Venue: Rialto Theatre

Date: August 23, 2023

Twas the third day back to college, and a concert was brewing at downtown Tucson. Regardless of how exhausted I was being back at school, I decided to notch off another concert associated with "vada vada". As a huge fan of this crazy, funky, and silly genre of music, this concert followed the theme perfectly. If Enjoy returned to Tucson in the near future, I would not hesitate to go again.

Most know Enjoy as Wyatt Shears or one of the members in The Garden, but his solo project stands on its own against his other accomplishments. There are tunes for everyone scattered around his discography depending on what genre peaks your interest. The main focus of his newest album "Exploited" is experimental/punk, but some of his earlier albums have a silly pop sound that makes you giggle and kick your little feet. His set had a mixture of songs that he released over the years, and I couldn't ask for a better setlist.

Lead Singer of Dumb F*cks
Dumb F*cks

As for the openers, I knew nothing about them prior to the show. Bad Vacation was pretty good, simply a punk rock band which was enjoyable. The lead singer had an unlimited amount of energy that the crowd didn't quite reciprocate, but I would consider listening to them at the gym or if I have the zoomies. Dumb F*cks, on the other hand, sure named themselves right. The lead singer came out limping with three beers in hand saying he kicked a cactus the night before. To add to the excitement, he threw his empty cans into the crowd and spilled his drink all over someone in the crowd! Were they good? I'm going to say yes because I had a huge smile on my face the whole time since I couldn't stop laughing.

Now, the time you've been waiting for: was Enjoy really enjoyable? Why yes of course he was. Enjoy had the perfect balance between old deep-cut songs and ones from his new album, so there was something for everyone. I had waited an hour before doors opened to get the third row, but since I'm small I quickly got shoved several rows back when Enjoy came on stage. I did see two songs up front though!!! I didn't mind the shoving and moshing until I was eating straight hair for a song (would not recommend).

As for the songs, the crowd united the most during "Small Car, Big Wheels", "Fold Ya' Up Like a Blanket", and "I've Wasted So Much Time". Everyone was singing and calmed down to during them to fully listen to them. These three songs are Enjoy's most popular ones, and they each sound so unique to one another that it was truly an experience to witness them live. Enjoy's stage presence was very upbeat as he bounced around the stage, and it felt like he was genuinely happy to be there. My personal favorite song performed that night, though, was "I've Got the World in My Pocket". I had it on repeat the weeks leading up to the show, and I still can't stop listening. However, a song I didn't expect or know much about was "Boom Bang Blast", and I'm so happy it was played. Wyatt was super giggly and smiley the whole time, so it was adorable.

Overall, I loved this experience and would do it every night if I could. If this show intrigued you, definitely try to see Enjoy live sometime! It was really funky, so I highly recommend. If you want more punk, The Garden is coming to Phoenix in October! Check them out! If you want something more chill, see Cowgirl Clue (Enjoy's partner) live at Club Congress on September 28th! You'll ENJOY!!

Reviewer: Elizabeth McCluskey

Date of Review: September 11, 2023

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