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Egotistic – AOA

Track: Egotistic

Artist: AOA

Genre: #Kpop

I was going through AOA’s catalog this weekend and randomly saw that they had a new single out. AOA is definitely my favorite K-Pop group, not that I have much experience with K-Pop. This review will be for the music, not the accompanying video/performance.

This single “Egotistic” is a cover of a song originally by Mamamoo from last year. The original song has clean guitar and very smooth vocals. In AOA’s cover they speed it up slightly and give it a much more dance vibe. The song is really catchy and kinda hard to dislike. It starts with a neat rap from Jimin and goes right into the verse. After a chorus and stuff there is a small dance break bridge. This section has no singing and is probably my least favorite section, but it is short and has good transitions so it’s not too bad. The latter part of the song has a great melody and instrumental build, definitely ending on a high note.

The production in this single is very good. The song has lots of horn samples and synth riffs. The bass is likely programmed, but it has great tone and does exactly what it needs to do. The bass stays basic where necessary but it also goes off with impressive riffs in certain sections. The drums are electronic but are not overly beep boop -y. At several points there are random noises inserted in the music and they work very well. The vocals are cleanly recorded and well sung. The vocals have good pronunciation and tone, they really accentuate the syncopation of the song in a way that the original song did not. In the chorus there are some notes where the auto tune is a bit blatant for my taste. That is my only major complaint for the song, otherwise it is fire.

Reviewer Name: Nate Smith

Review Date: 10/2/19

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