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Dreamer Isioma showcases their genre-blending prowess on "Goodnight Dreamer"

Album: Goodnight Dreamer

Artist: Dreamer Isioma

Label: Dreamer Isioma LLC

Non-Airable Tracks: StayUp!; Really, Really; Bad Ting; I’m So Done With You; HUH?; Voulez-Vous Me To…; Time is Temporary; Quick!Sand!; Goodnight Dreamer

Description: Goodnight Dreamer is such a breath of fresh air! Dreamer Isioma masterfully blends elements from the genres of soul, hiphop, and r&b to give each song a distinct, powerful, and memorable sound. For example, the soul/funk synth on “HUH?” combined with his exciting vocal delivery and lyrics keeps me coming back to this track many times each day. Speaking of lyrics, the writing on all of these tracks is crazy good. I love the way he talks about his relationships and personal experiences on this album. There’s plenty of room for intimate, sensitive, and vulnerable moments like on “Time is Temporary” and “Crying in the Club”, as well as fun, upbeat, getting-ready-for-the-function moments like on “Sunset Drive” and “Really, Really”. This album is a diverse, fun, and engaging experience through and through. While I picked three of my (current) favorite tracks off of this album for the Recommended Tracks section, I can honestly say that there are zero skips on Goodnight Dreamer. You’ll be sorry if this flies under your radar!

Sounds Like:

  1. Dua Saleh

  2. Orion Sun

  3. Hope Tala

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Sunset Drive

  2. HUH?

  3. Time is Temporary

Reviewer’s Name: Eli Gomez

Date of Review: April 9, 2022

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