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Scary Hours 2 - Drake

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Album: Scary Hours 2 Artist: Drake Genre: #HipHop #Rap Sub-Genres: #RandB Label: OVO and Republic Records Non-Airable Tracks: What's Next, Wants and Needs (feat. Lil Baby) and Lemon Pepper Freestyle (feat. Rick Ross) On March 5, Drake dropped "Scary Hours 2," a track that is already the talk of 2021. Most know Drizzy for his smooth lyrics about his feelings, relationships or life as a superstar. He takes a different approach this time, directing the mic at all the haters.

Drake opens up with the banger "What's Next," where he displays his frustration with the public. As you listen, you can feel the pain he has been experiencing for months. Drake lays down viscous beats along with all his accomplishments in music and business, and he wonders why that isn't enough for everyone. He echoes that his life isn't always a show, and that even superstars need rest sometimes. Drake doesn't know what's next, but he invites everyone to come and find out.

Slow drum beats and eerie ring tones lead the listener into "Wants and Needs." Drizzy flexes on everyone with his work ethic, claiming that it's not a competition. However, he'll crush whoever stands in his way, especially the critics who write fake headlines. Rallying to Drizzy's defense, Lil Baby hops on the track to let everyone know that he and Drizzy go hard every day, and there's nothing anybody can do to stop them. Then, Drizzy slows it down and lays out what haunts him. Having all the money, fame and women in the world can weigh on Drake. He explores possible treatments such as his friends and Jesus, throwing a shoutout to Yeezy himself. Drake still isn't sure what he wants and what he needs, but he isn't giving up the search for it.

Drizzy wears his heart on his sleeve for the final track "Lemon Pepper Freestyle." Rick Ross wants to let everyone know that he doesn't care what you think of how he looks. While he may be big, his cars and bank account are bigger than yours. Between counting money under candlelight and a squad that shows him live, Ross isn't stressing. Then Drake steps up and gets personal about his family. Life is a Dad is a struggle for Drake. From child support payments to being bothered at parent teacher conferences, Drake has had it with all the fake people in his life. He wants a life with his son and the people he trusts, without any distractions.

This is an album that should show the public that while Drake is a superstar, he is still a human being who has problems like the rest of us. Drake wants everyone to understand that while he loves his fans, he needs time for himself too. Even with only three tracks, you'll be putting this album on repeat. It will take you to a place of emotional pain, frustration and satisfaction all at once. "Scary Hours 2" is Drake in his rawest form yet. Sounds Like:

  1. Bryson Tiller

  2. Tory Lanez

  3. Big Sean

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Lemon Pepper Freestyle (feat. Rick Ross)

Reviewer’s Name: Sean Fagan Date of Review: 3/8/21


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