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Do You Wanna "Dance (Our Own Party)?"

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Album: Dance (Our Own Party) [Single]

Artist: The Busker

Label: Independent

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A (Actually says "fogged up" and not the other word...)


Malta has made their decision on who to send on their behalf to Eurovision 2023—and it happens to be a group that takes inspiration from 1960s pop bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Maltese indie pop band The Busker will represent Malta for this year’s Eurovision 2023 international song contest with their song “Dance (Our Own Party).” They won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023, qualifying them for their submission to the international song contest.

In case you are like me, an American, Malta is a smaller island country south of Italy. Personally, I’ve enjoyed several musical artists that have released albums from this country, like Destiny, who dominated two years of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and represented Malta in the Eurovision international competition.

However, Destiny and The Busker have very different vibes. Yet strangely I like them both—just in different ways. Destiny is more of a feminist queen with powerful vocals and pro-women lyrics. If you’re interested, I’d recommend listening to “All Of My Love” and “Je Me Casse,” both which are very catchy and have a higher energy in my opinion.

(Fun fact: The Busker has named “Je Me Casse” by Destiny a favorite MESC entry of theirs, and they have personally stated that they would love to share a song with Destiny.)

On the other hand, The Busker’s song “Dance (Our Own Dance)” is more “chill” if I had to describe the energy level. It still has a fairly strong dance-pop feel to it, but it is not as “club-like” as Destiny’s music. Instead, it has a quirky, jazz party vibe to it. I’m particularly fond of the saxophone usage within the song between and during the male vocals. The instrumentals assist with the funky rhythm of the tune and the smoothness of the soul infused dance-pop.

“Dance (Our Own Dance)” is also a relatable song to anyone post-pandemic and perhaps introverted. The song, from what I can gather, is about someone who wants to party, but feels uncomfortable and anxious about being in a large group post-pandemic, so they find relief when leaving with a couple of buddies to go to a familiar, calming setting. “I feel better in my sweater” is a particular lyric that stands out to me during the song, along with “I’m a little bit lost, oh…might be the drinks or the social tease of anxiety.” Many people I feel can relate to these lyrics, especially nowadays after the quarantine everyone followed for about a year and a half, give or take depending on which country (or state) you lived in.

Give “Dance (Our Own Party)” a try. You may find yourself vibing to this jazzy dance-pop tune.

Sounds Like:

1. Miracle – The Busker

2. Nothing More – The Busker

3. Loose – The Busker

Recommended Tracks:

1. ​ Dance (Our Own Party)

Reviewer’s Name: Kaitlyn Liddicoat

Date of Review: 16 March 2023

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