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DJ Mobley, The Joy Formidable, The Front Bottoms

Lineup: DJ Mobley, The Joy Formidable, The Front Bottoms

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Date: October 11th

Description: I got to this show at the end of the first opener, DJ Mobley, so I only caught a couple of his songs. I was more than a little impressed, however, despite the short amount of time I heard him play. The screen in the back and the light show highlighted thematic elements of his music. It is impressive how one person can create such a full sound, I was remiss to have shown up late and hope to catch a full set one day.

The 3-piece band that played next, called The Joy Formidable, was deeply impressive as well. They are from Wales, The intonation and complex articulation of parts on the lead guitar was deeply impressive, the lead kept shredding for much of the set with an air of complete ease. The bassist and drummer were also afforded their time in the limelight, each piece accompanied the others quite well. They came a long way to play here, and it was definitely worth hearing.

The Front Bottoms' actual set was one of the most moving concert's I've been to of late. Their folkier brand of rock presents to me a sense of nostalgia and genuine feeling that's hard to conjure up in other genres. The singer's dreamy aesthetic contrasted with his slightly harsh, but clear and emotive voice make for a leading man you can hardly take your eyes off of. That is not to say the other members did not shine, they certainly did, but something about what this guy was saying and how he was saying it made it difficult to focus on anything else. The show itself was as captivating as the leading man, their lighting was immaculate, bubbles came from the side of the stage, they lit up the disco ball, and people dressed as hot dogs came out and threw stuff into the crowd (I really hope hot dogs). These musicians are at the top of their game and not afraid to have fun. If you're looking to just vibe at a show or to dance and have a good time, this is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Reviewer Name: Dorian Bradley Chase

Date of Review: 11/8/22

Pictures by Me

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