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“Digital Garbage”-Mudhoney Review

Album: Digital Garbage

Artist: Mudhoney

Label: Sub-pop

Non-Airable tracks: “Paranoid Core”, “21st Century Pharisees”, “Hey Neanderf*ck”, “Prosperity Gospel”

Description: As a Seattle native, I was excited to her some Sub-pop grunge, but in all honesty I was a little disappointed by this album. The guitar is pretty generic and lacks any true creativity, sounding like an attempt to bring back their sound from the 90’s but missing the true soul of that kind of music. The melodies were somewhat boring and it often seemed like the lyrics were shoved into a rhythm that did not fit them at all, which contrasted oddly with the relatively clear vocals. The lyrics themselves were trying to be political, tearing at everything from America’s social climate to social media use, but are not extremely introspective or eloquent. They do make some good points, but nothing truly revolutionary.

“Digital Garbage” is by no means a terrible album, its always fun listening to angry, grungy guitar and rebellious lyrics, I just didn’t find it very noteworthy.

Sounds like: Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam (maybe), and the lyrics remind me a bit of a worse Green Day.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Kill Yourself Live

  2. Night Fog

Reviewer’s Name: Ruby Fulford

Date of Reviews: 10/31/18

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