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DAYGLOW Harmony House Tour: The Van Buren

Show Lineup: DAYGLOW, Hovvdy

Genre(s): Bedroom pop, pop, synthpop

Venue: The Van Buren Pheonix, AZ

Date: September 13, 2021 Description: DAYGLOW brings down the house with their latest performance at the Vanburen in Pheonix Arizona, on their Harmony House tour. The entire venue was electric and pulsing with energy throughout the entirety of the show. The performance was an embodiment of youth and vivacity after the color-crazed hysteria of the indie kids has been kept in muted tones for many months.

The pyrotechnics that accompanied each song had been executed live and were truly outstanding. Not only did the light beams synchronize effortlessly with every drum beat and piano riff, but their color pallet was reminiscent of lucky charms, magically delicious. The neon sign in the back of the stage that red DAYGLOW had been firing patterns of colors from shades of rainbow pastels to muted blues for tracks with more melancholy undertones.

The band played numerous tracks off of their latest record 'Harmony House' including 'Woah Man,' 'Crying on the DanceFloor,' and 'Close to You.' The band members played extremely well together while having room to riff off of each other during times of interlude. The most enthused member of the ensemble was the keyboard player Norrie Swofford, who put his heart and soul into each note that was played. The most surprising track of the night was performed during the two-song encore in which the band covered a Tears for Fears track entitled 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World.' The band took this song and made it their own by adding dreamy drum lines and lazily layered vocals to make the crowd drift off as if it were the 1980's all over again.

All in all, DAYGLOW was such a warm welcome back into the live music scene with a genuinely nice performance both musically and personably. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the group with a faded sound trapped in a world of high resolution.

Reviewer Name: Peyton Riegel

Date of Review: September 14, 2021

DAYGLOW in blue

Harmony House album cover

Fan with set list

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