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Dance Alone by BOYO

Album: Dance Alone

Artist: BOYO

Genre: Alternative

Sub-Genres: #lofi, #indiepop, #dreampop

Label: Danger Collective

Non-Airable Tracks: none


Dance Alone is singer-songwriter Robert Tilden’s third full-length album as BOYO. The songs on this album feature spaced-out slow beats and soft vocals. It has an overall feeling of nostalgia and sadness, with songs like Timeframe featuring lyrics like, “when all is said and done, this place has lost it’s fun.” The album is good, and I like how chill the tracks are. It is the sort of thing I would listen to if I had had a bad day that I wanted to make myself even more sad by listening to some nice sad music. The only thing I don’t like about the album is that a lot of the tracks sound very similar, and they almost seem to blend together.

Sounds Like: Michael Seyer, Inner Wave

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Dance Alone

  2. Sundown Comedown

Reviewer’s Name: Chloe Hislop

Date of Review: December 4, 2018

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