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Cowgirl Clue: The Ideal Thursday Night Out

Show Lineup: Glixen, Kumo 99, Cowgirl Clue

Venue: Club Congress

Date: September 28, 2023

This concert was long awaited, and added another piece to my Vada Vada puzzle. She is the fifth artist I've seen live who is apart of this community, and she did not let me down. The show's lineup was also the cherry on top with Arizona's beloved Glixen, and Kumo 99 who has toured with Vada Vada artists in the past. Not to mention, the merch at the show was phenomenal. It took a lot of willpower to not buy every piece there, and I regret not getting two items.

To kick off the night, Glixen warmed up the crowd with some submersive, shoegaze rock that sucked the crowd in. I adored the band's Y2K aesthetic, and their unique pedal assortments. Now that I know that Glixen is from Arizona, I would definitely see them again and will be adding more of their songs to my playlist.

Kumo 99, on the other hand, absolutely killed it. This duo creates dance/electronic/experimental music that is mostly sung in Japanese. I know zero Japanese, but I have added so many of their songs to my playlist since the show. The singer was super high energy, and the bass shook the whole venue to make everyone in the crowd dance. Every song was catchy and spunky, and even made my friend who doesn't like that genre of music a fan. If you're willing to expand your music taste, definitely check them out.

Now, Cowgirl Clue: the act of the night. Absolutely amazing. I had been listening to her music nonstop since her album "Rodeo Star" was released over the summer, and each song is equally addicting. When I wake up in the morning, it seems a different song of hers is stuck in my head. Most of her songs make you feel like you're strutting down a runway, and nothing else matters except you. This feeling is especially apparent when seeing her live, and I ate up that energy. The crowd began to fizzle out as the show went on, but the energy of those who remained didn't. Overall, her performance was a low stress, fun show that I wouldn't miss for the world.

I know that I've written several posts about Vada Vada artists, but this is the one I would recommend to new listeners. Her music is more pop/dance than the others, with only a few that sound experimental. If you would like a place to start, her Rodeo Star album is nothing but hits. My personal favorites are "Trust Fall" and "$somethin's in the Air", so check those out if your heart desires.

Me wearing a hat sold at the show.

Cowgirl Clue

Reviewer: Elizabeth McCluskey

Date of Review: October 2, 2023

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