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Cold Cave- “Cherish the Light Years” (2010) CD Review

Album: Cherish The Light Years

Artist: Cold Cave

Genre: #DarkPop

Label: Matador

Description: Integrating synth music of the 1980’s with some Dark Wave gives you Cold Cave. Given that Dark Pop is not my type of style, it presents these dark vibes with pleasant and catchy melodies of the synths. Aurally speaking, it is a mixture of Harmony and Discord in which creates a balance. Listening through the album I had a interesting first impression where it sounds like The Killers gone emo and I will stick to that impression if you ask me what I think of Cold Cave. I have a strong appreciation for the ambiance in this album fits well with the aspects of Gothic/Dark music. I have an appreciation for the group and the idea that they would use synth music to reduce the dark qualities in Dark Wave.

Sounds Like: The Soft Moon, Light Asylum, Soft Kill, Lust For Youth

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Catacombs

2. Icons of Summer

Reviewer’s Name: Matt Ingargiola

Date of Review: 1/29/19


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