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Chicano Batman live at the Rialto Theatre

Show Lineup: Chicano Batman w/ Divino Niño

Venue: Rialto Theatre

Date: 5/7/22

All photos by Javier Mendoza

On May 7th, 2022, Chicano Batman closed out their tour at the Rialto Theatre with special guests, Divino Niño. Divino Niño is an American band from Chicago, Illinois whose sound is extrem

ely influenced by Latin Music. Their discography ranges from alternative music to ska, and even reggaeton. Their Latin influence was clearly portrayed when they managed to get the entire crowd to dance through most of their set. They performed fan favorites such as "Coca Cola," "Quiero," and even did their own cover of "Mil Horas" by Andrés Calamaro. Divino Niño managed to wow the audience regardless of how familiar they were with their music.

Chicano Batman brought their famous psychedelic beach sound to the Rialto by playing a well-balanced set from their four studio albums. As they performed live, I could not help but make the comparison to the Grateful Dead, because of their ability to jam for minutes without missing a beat. Bardo Martinez once again demonstrated why he is a renowned frontman with his ability

to be energetic as well as picking up an instrument and being able to join the band in a jam session. The audience could not help but dance through the entire set, especially when they performed a cover of a cumbia song. Chicano Batman returned for an encore in which they played their hit single, "Black Lipstick." Chicano Batman was able to fill the Rialto Theatre with a retro and energetic atmosphere which left the audience demanding more.

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