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Bright Eyes and Lala Lala

Show Lineup: Opener: LALA LALA Main Set: Bright Eyes

Venue: The Rialto Theatre

Date: 10/27/2022

Reviewer Name: Fae Campbell

Date of Review: 11/29/2022

I was blessed with the opportunity of doing press for Bright Eyes and Lala Lala for their show in Tucson, Arizona! I'm super late with this because I had to get my film developed from the show but nevertheless here are some pictures. My ears were blessed by Lala Lala's indie bubbly sound and Bright Eyes' incredible lyrics. The main singer of Bright Eyes put everything he had into the preformance and absolutely blew me away. The whole show was amazing, and I was moved by Bright Eyes preformance as it was the first time I had heard them in my life. I hadn't listened to many of their songs before but I now know how talented they are. Both Lala Lala and Bright Eyes did a cover of "Boys Don't Cry" which is one of my favorite songs, I was so excited when they did that. In that moment, there was such good energy in the venue. Overall, it was a really good show and I even got to meet Lala Lala after!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

All pictures are shot on a Olympus Stylus Infinity

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