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Beartooth - Below Singles Review

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Album: Below Singles

Artist: Beartooth

Label: Red Bull Records

Description: The two songs Devastation and The Past Is Dead provide a flawless transition into the coming album from Beartooth. Beartooth has always been known for their hardcore rhythms and lyrics that can sometimes be related to emo bands. The new singles give a peak into the new album Below that will be released in June. I have loved their music since their first release in 2014 and these songs do not disappoint. In fact, they may signal a new era showing their frustrations with the world and some of the impacts the last year have had on all of us.

Devastation provides a heavy head-banging track through the verses with a melodic chorus that still goes super hard. The writing style is very distinctly Beartooth and reflects many of the feelings that I think most of us have experienced in the past year: a lack of energy and feeling as if we're trapped inside the four walls of our homes and heads. This song is definitely one that's gonna be stuck in your head and is very much worth a listen. The Past Is Dead is a bit more melodic throughout the whole song but has some great power chords with a heavy drumline that drives the song with a ton of energy. If you've ever listened to The Lines by them and enjoyed that you might find The Past is Dead to be its more upbeat brother and a step into a more mature future.

Sounds Like:

  1. A Day to Remember

  2. Wage War

  3. I Prevail

Reviewer’s Name: Kiara Nelson

Date of Review: 3/30/2021

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