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Take Your Throne with Alessandra's Queen of Kings (EDITED)

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Album: Queen of Kings (Single)

Artist: Alessandra

Label: Starlab Music, under exclusive license to Universal Music AS, Norway

Non-Airable Tracks: n/a


Alessandra Mele, a Norwegian singer, debuted this January with her new single Queen of Kings. For those of you who think her name sounds familiar, you might recall her from when she competed on The Voice in Norway during 2022. Most recently, she came out #1 in the first round in the Melodi Grand Prix 2023, which means she is is one step closer to being qualified to represent Norway in the Eurovision 2023 competition. She has her sights on becoming its next international winner if she can come out on top.

Queen of Kings is an incredibly energetic song that will have you out of your seat dancing and belting out its iconic chorus with all your heart. It gives the vibes of either a warrior princess becoming queen or that of a pirate princess coming to claim her throne after conquering the entire continent. Either way, the chorus is thrilling, the beat is intense yet not so fast as to have you get completely lost in the rhythm, and you can’t help but feel strong, inspiring, and even a hint of mythical energy all at once.

Its steady, rhythmic beat and Alessandra’s energized vocal performance carry this song to the point where it soars, especially when she hits her high note at the end of her bridge, and you feel exhilarated and pumped even at the end. I easily am ready to listen to Queen of Kings on repeat, and if a club played this song, I’d be one of the first on the dancefloor. Anyone can be a queen with this song.

Alessandra’s song is one of first new songs of 2023, which carries the vibes that I want to have going into the new year—strong, triumphant, and letting nothing stop me from my goals. She will be a hard contestant to beat with Queen of Kings as her anthem, so good luck to any of her competition.


BREAKING NEWS - I'm psychic, everybody! The final of the Melodi Grand Prix 2023 has just finished today (02/04/2023), and Norway has its new representative for the Eurovision 2023 Contest. That's right, my girl Alessandra just pulled up and won the final and is headed off to Liverpool, UK in May to try and compete with other countries for the prestige of being the international winner. Since my prediction was correct, I shall make another one. I predict that she will get within the top 10 of the competition if she doesn't win first place. (I also predict that $2 billion dollars will start raining from the sky immediately. We'll see how that one goes.) Like I've mentioned, Alessandra is a very tough competitor, and I think she'll go far.

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Reviewer’s Name: Kaitlyn Liddicoat

Date of Review: 20 January 2022

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