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Ape by Jinjer -Single-

Album: Ape – Single

Artist: Jinjer

Genre: #Metal

Sub-Genres: #MelodicDeath?

Label: Napalm Records

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


Jinjer is a cool female fronted metal band that I think is set to make some serious waves. This song shows off how technically capable the band is and the range of vocalist Tatiana. Before listening to this song, my only experience with Jinjer was the song Pisces, which probably their most popular song. In Ape, the vocals are decidedly brutal, but also break in to some cool clean chops in some sections.

This song is different than what I have heard from Jinjer on Pisces, it is more tech death oriented and a little less melodic more the majority of the song. The production is great, as can be expected from most major label metal these days. The tech death influence comes out in the production, guitars and drums are heavy as fuck and the bass has that tech death bass tone that you know and love.

On the subject of bass, it is really good in this song. It follows the progressions well and does some cool slap stuff that sounds brutal. Drums are very well done as well, they vary from relatively slow to full on blast beats. They are well recorded and fit into the mix.

The vocals are good, Tatiana is a great vocalist with a great low growl. The clean vocals are also very good, but sometimes they don’t really fit in the song. I can’t really explain exactly, but I don’t particularly like the first set of clean vocals and how they come in sporadically in between the harsh vocals. This is just my personal taste, I am not sure how you will react to the style.

Check it out/10

Sounds Like: Jinjer, The Agonist?

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Ape, it’s cool

Reviewer’s Name: Nate Smith

Date of Review: 11/2/18

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