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Angel Olsen - All The Good Times

Album: Big Time (set to release June 3, 2022)

Single: "All The Good Times"

Artist: Angel Olsen

Label: Jagjaguwar

Description: The opening track of her upcoming album, Angel Olsen's "All The Good Times" pulls you right in with the first beat of its drums and carries you along with its smooth organ and steady beat. Olsen's rich voice floats on the music, inviting us in to follow her on a tantalizing journey. As the song seems to slowly build, you can't help but hang on, waiting for the easy feeling to burst. And burst it does. The song's climax comes as quickly as it goes, bursting into a beautiful swell of brass, percussion, and organ as Olsen's voice reaches the emotional height of her goodbye. A song about accepting the loss of love, "All The Good Times" perfectly blends 50s country and soul with the modern alternative touch of Angel Olsen.

Sounds Like:

  1. Sharon Van Etten

  2. Weyes Blood

  3. Patsy Cline (hear me out)

Recommended Tracks:

  1. All The Good Times

  2. to be continued...​

Reviewer’s Name: Skylar Markovich

Date of Review: April 13, 2022

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