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An Awe-Inspiring Debut - Teezo Touchdown - How Do You Sleep At Night?

Teezo's first full-length project exists to impress.

Album: How Do You Sleep At Night? Artist: Teezo Touchdown Genre: #HipHop Sub-Genres: #AltRock #Indie Label: Not Fit For Society/RCA Records Non-Airable Tracks: You Thought (feat. Janelle Monáe), I Don't Think U C Me (feat. Isaiah Rusk) Debut albums are special. Representing an important step in an artist's career, the first album can be judged as an artist's ability to not just create great music, but a project that feels cohesive with songs that fit together like puzzle pieces. What Teezo has achieved feels like the pinnacle of everything that has come before— perfecting his technique of genre-blending which he deems as a new subgenre, "Pop & Rock." Many may recognize his name from features on "RUNITUP" with Tyler, the Creator's CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST or "MODERN JAM" from Travis Scott's highly anticipated UTOPIA, but with How Do You Sleep At Night? Teezo's identity shines through in a thrilling 14-track list.

In terms of sound, Teezo blurs the lines and features many strong songs that sound distinct with their own stories, yet all serving a bigger purpose of making sure that you recognize who you are and what you came from, and moving forward towards a bright future. Track 1 demonstrates sonically how free a person can be, unlike Track 3, presenting dream-like harmonies of being tied to love, while Track 7 has an abrupt change in tone halfway through, portraying the feeling of its name, "Mood Swings." Everyone is entitled to their opinions on Teezo, but it seems his songs all sounding the same is a takeaway that little to none will have.

If you didn't believe it before, you might believe it now. How Do You Sleep At Night? is another album that pushes the boundaries of Hip Hop, and shows that genre can and will adapt for years to come.

Sounds Like:

  1. Steve Lacy

  2. Tyler, The Creator

  3. Thundercat

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​UUHH

  2. Mood Swings

  3. You Thought (feat. Janelle Monáe) (EXPLICIT)

Reviewer’s Name: Shaurya Chauhan Date of Review: September 15, 2023

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