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3:33 (Tribe “CueMix”) – Sylvan Lacue

Album: Single

Artist: Sylvan Lacue

Genre: #Hiphop, #Rap

Sub-Genres: Conscious rap

Label: WiseUp & Co.

*Non-Airable Track*


During his first headlining tour for his debut album, Apologies in Advance, Sylvan Lacue took to twitter to express a seemingly impromptu rap attack over the Bas and J.Cole track “Tribe”. When I first caught wind of the “trailer” for what we now have in the “Tribe” remix that is “3:33”, I was definitely thinking to myself “oh damn, he done did it now”, and there’s no doubt that I’m still over here all like, “oh damn, he REALLY done did it now”. The founder of the independent label WiseUp & Co. is here to state that he’s made it, as vocalized in the latter portion of the track, and is here to stay.

“They said I wouldn’t be shit without Logic”, he raps which only adds to the already impeccable flow and rich choice of wordplay. This “CueMix”, as he calls it, is just another track adding to his incredible list of accomplishments this year that started back in January. With three new projects released, and talks over Twitter of an upcoming album in the near future, it’s safe to say that Sylvan has no plans of slowing down on his way to becoming his best self. The song itself is beautiful, and speaks of where the rapper has been, mentioning talks of joining forces under his idol’s label, rapping, “I almost signed to my idol this year, the Roc almost did come alive, but it’s Wise, Wise, Wise…”, a respectable nod to independent artists everywhere trying to make a splash.

What I respect about Sylvan Lacue, as well as many independent artists out there on their grind, is the ability to never jeopardize a vision just because of an easy out presented beautifully on a silver platter. And it’s not to say that the whole “F*** the system! Stay you!” is the route he’s chosen, but rather that he knows how to work with the beast that overshadows. Sylvan is in it for the long haul as he builds his brand, and if it’s any consolation, I’m jittery with anticipation for what’s to come in the best way possible. What the emcee brings to the table is a genuine compassion for his vision and what it means to his

Wise Ones, realizing how much each of these songs means to his followers. If what I experienced recently at his concert at the Valley Bar in Phoenix is any consolation, then it is safe to say that the sky’s the limit for the young rapper as we push towards the end of a spectacular year of music in hip-hop. Check out the Jay-Z 4:44 inspired track below!

Sounds Like: Bas – “Tribe” ft. J.Cole

Reviewer’s Name: Maximilian Serventi

Date of Review: 11/5/18

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