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10,000 Gecs Tour Two 🦎

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I couldn't even begin to express my utter excitement when 100 gecs announced their second 10,000 gecs tour after releasing their album under the same name. I was even more elated when I got the email saying I was granted a press pass to their show. I knew that I wanted to write a fully fleshed out review of the show, so that's exactly what I did. I interviewed some of the lovely fans to gain their perspective.

I got to the Van Buren at around 5:00 and while I wasn’t surprised to see folks have lined up already, I was surprised with the amount of people who have lined up. One of the groups I interviewed told me that they had been waiting there since 12pm. The thing I love most about gec fans is their outfits never fail to impress. Wherever you look, you’ll see a pair of Demonia boots, killer makeup, funny or clever shirts, and just overall incredible outfits. Also, everybody I talked to was incredibly nice and I got to chat with them after entering the venue. Genuine shout out to everybody I talked to!

I wanted to gauge the excitement of the crowd. I asked a few people: “On a scale of 1-

10, how excited are you to see gecs/Machine Girl tonight?”. The general consensus was: 10000/10. There were a couple of people there who came to the show mostly to see Machine Girl; and I can’t blame them. This was my first time seeing Machine Girl live, and it

was absolutely insane. More on my

thoughts later though. I also asked how long some of these people have been gec/Machine Girl fans. Some people I talked to said that they have been fans of gecs since 2019, others became fans more recently. Same goes with Machine Girl; a plethora of the people who were there to see Machine Girl said they’ve been a fan since their early youtube days. I’ve been a fan of gecs since 2020 when they blew up on Tiktok for their hit song “Money Machine” and I wouldn’t consider myself a Machine girl fan, but I do like their music (in case you were wondering).

Needless to say, the excitement in the crowd was absolutely electrifying, I could not wait to get into the venue and experience the music. That being said, Machine Girl’s opening set was CRAZY. I’ll level with you, I don’t listen to enough Machine Girl so I honestly couldn’t tell you what songs they played. The only song I recognized was “Scroll of Sorrow”. During this song, lead singer, Matt Stephenson, jumped into the crowd and started crowd surfing. It was INSANE. I overheard a security guard saying that they had to jump in after him to keep people in the crowd off of him. Machine Girl’s set lasted about an hour, but so much happened in that hour. I don’t think anybody is gonna forget that anytime soon.

If I could summarize 100 gecs’ set in one word it would be “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. That’s just me though. Their opening song was “Dumbest Girl Alive”. As soon as that THX sample started playing the crowd erupted in cheers and screams. Laura Les and Dylan Brady came out in their iconic wizard regalia. Their stage presence was incredibly captivating. At any given moment, I could not look away. A fan I talked to while waiting in line, Ari, brought up a really interesting and factual point. They said, “Something I noticed is that the energy is really f*cking different in Phoenix. It’s a lot more hype “we’re actually happy to see you guys” type of energy.”. The energy of the crowd at the show was so intense. People were moshing, headbanging, screaming, jumping; when “Frog On The Floor” came on, people in the crowd started playing leapfrog. My favorite part of the night was the encore. They played “bloodstains” from their self-titled EP and “gec 2 Ü” from their 1000 gecs album. I was screaming every single word. I never thought I would get to hear “bloodstains” live.

Something very topical that I have to mention is that gecs played “What’s That Smell”. The reason it was so topical is because it was RANK in that building. I’d give the show a stink rating of 7.8/10.

My final thoughts: The show was so awesome and I was absolutely starstruck. The energy of the crowd was unmatched and everybody was so nice! I'd give the overall experience a 10000/10. Thank you to everyone who let me interview them!

TL;DR: gecs/Machine Girl was so awesome & I took pics.

Also it stank in there. Also there was a Laura Les cosplayer there.


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