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Show Lineup: beabadoobee w/ Weekend Lovers

Genre: Indie

Venue: The Rialto

Date: 03/28/2023

Date of Review: 03/30/2023

On March 28, 2023, beabadoobee made her way to the stage of the Rialto for one of the most fantastic shows I have ever seen. I have been to three beabadoobee shows, and this is definitely one of my favorites, the first probably being her performance at Govball NYC Festival last year in June. But this performance was different. It wasn't out in the sunlight of New York summer, or in a huge open area. Beabadoobee was able to take advantage of this small space to make one of the most intimate concerts I've been to. I had been to the beabadoobee concert in phoenix last year at the Van Buren and it was really good performance-wise, but I didn't get that essential indie artist and audience connection I always crave when I go to shows like these. I acknowledge it's a little harder to get that vibe now that beabadoobee is a really popular indie artist (even mainstream) but she DID IT. THE RIALTO WAS THE VIBE. The opener, Weekend Lovers (a punkish band?) wasn't my favorite but they were talented, but this is about beabadoobee!

The lighting and production work that went into this show was amazing. I'm personally a very big fan of strobe lights during crazy songs and this girl KNOWS how to use those strobe lights to her advantage. Bea was a rockstar. Bea was a legend. Every single show I go to of hers I see the absolute girl-bossery that she has. And throughout the show, no matter how many Sonny Angels and roses were thrown at her, and no matter how many people needed water, she made sure everyone was accounted for and that we all enjoyed the show. Her sound has turned from a sad indie Clairo-like vibe to punk-inspired and I love it! Her music is still indie, but she gives it a soul that a lot of other female indie artists aren't able to achieve. I was really sad she didn't play Dye it Red but its okay </3.

Here is the set list ranked by how much I loved it:

  1. See You Soon (cried so much)

  2. She Plays Bass

  3. 10:36 (screamed this)

  4. Talk

  5. Last Day on Earth

  6. Glue song

  7. Cologne

  8. the perfect pair

  9. sunny day

  10. Worth It

  11. Don't get the deal (this was so good and cute)

  12. Apple Cider

  13. Care

  14. fairy song

  15. ripples

Fae Campbell

Beabadoobee at the Rialto

Bassist Eliana of beabadoobees band

Beabadoobee at the Ritalto


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