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Yung Heazy-Whenever You’re Around I Hate Everything Less CD Review

Album: Whenever You’re Around I Hate Everything Less

Artist: Yung Heazy

Genre(s): #Alt, #Pop

Subgenre(s): #Bedroompop, #dreampop

Label: Self-release

Non-Airable Tracks: None

Description: Whenever You’re Around I Hate Everything Less is the debut album by Jordan Heaney, better known by his stage name Yung Heazy. A newcomer in the pop scene, Heaney first came to attention for his song, “Cuz You’re My Girl”, an annoyingly catchy and somewhat romantic song he wrote for his girlfriend as a Valentine’s Day gift.

I’m a little bit vexed over the fact that I enjoyed this album despite its cheesy and affectionate nature. Even though the lyrics are generally superficial and repetitive, I have to give Heaney some credit for loving his girlfriend enough to proclaim it through an expensive recording session.

The album’s theme is evident from the name itself, as well as from the cover art. In the midst of what Heaney interprets as a chaotic and unpredictable world, he finds sanity in his relationship and is grounded by the love that he and his girlfriend share. The sharp contrast between the first and last songs is evident when you juxtapose them: “Cuz You’re My Girl” has an almost naive quality as he sings about how much he loves his girlfriend in an upbeat, excited way. As long as his girlfriend is around, everything will be alright.

By the last song, “Backup Plan”, it’s obvious that Heaney has his doubts about the strengths of his friendships, love, and career choice as a musician. The song begins with “I wonder which of my friends will give up first…” He then goes on to to confess repeatedly that he has no backup plan or future aspirations; instead, he is putting everything he has into his music, and is well aware of the negative repercussions he will face if he music career goes down the drain. It’s a depressing song that seems like it would fit in well in a movie scene where a teenager breaks up with his/her significant other, lays in bed all day staring at the ceiling, and whines about love more than Morrissey.

Sounds Like: boy pablo, Sunset Rollercoaster, No Vacation

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Anytime of the Year

  2. Zugzwang

  3. Girl, I’ll Take You Anywhere

Reviewer’s Name: Marisa Latzman

Date of Review: 11/02/18

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