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Wrong Turn, 2021

Production Company: Constantin Film, The H Collective, and Tea Shop Productions

Release Date: 01/26/2021

Rating: R

Description: Based on the 2003 slasher film by Alan B. McElroy, Wrong Turn was a thrilling experience. The plot is very interesting and keeps you at the edge of your seat. Stephen Lukach did a wonderful job with the music, each scene leaves an impact on the audience because of the chilling sounds. The film revolves around a group of friends and their trip the Appalachian Trail. It is a cult film with a good amount of gore and a few plot twists that keeps you biting your nails till the end. Personally, I thought the last scene was pretty cool and I would also recommend not watching the trailer for the best experience of the film.

Reviewer Name: Priya Venkadesh

Date of Review: 04/21/2021

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