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Worst Veterans Day Deals of the Year

Alright I'll keep it a buck most people won't join the military to get special treatment and told to get told "thank you for your service" but Veterans Day is so great because of all the free food you can get from different big brands like Chili's or Buffalo Wild Wings just for serving. Also all deals are appreciated but when some are compared to others it just leaves you wondering like "you couldn't just give like a cookie for showing up?". So I'm just gonna drop a top 3 so I can complain and I'll even put some good ones at the end so anyone reading this can compare too.

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse: Honestly never been to BJ's but I hear the Pizookies are where it's at, but having to spend $10 to get a free "Chocolate Chunk Pizookie" ,whatever that is, sucks like how you gonna say something is free but you gotta spend money to get it dude. It was either that or spend $15 to get a coupon. A COUPON. I didn't sign up for a free Camaro to get a carrot on a stick waved in front of my face on a holiday for me and my coworkers, get out of here.

Wendy's: I have a lot of love for Wendy's I can't lie the 4 for 4 is immortal after seshing and the the $5 biggie bag is crazy. That red haired girl and her employees have come through when not a lot of people have and I think that's why it hurts the most to put them on this list. To only give out free breakfast though being such a big chain is insane though. It truly feels like the scene from the Babadook when the moms yelling at her son to "just be normal". Give out breakfast all day dude so many other places do and it's messing with the deals cause who's waking up before 10:30 after a night getting sloshed with your partners in war crimes. It's just not happening. Wendy's do better, make it all day.

Einstein Bros. Bagels: Listen, if you're going to have "Bagels" in your name at least have give some free bagels like what are we even talking about. It's being a lemonade stand and selling sandwiches, and on top of the promotion giving a free coffee to tea, I have to pay for something too?! This is the most fugaze deal of all time cause if I'm already thinking of getting a bagel or something like it why wouldn't I just get a drink if I don't have water already. Thanks for the offer, thank you for the support, but keep that clown stuff to yourself dude.

Just to compare Buffalo Wild Wings, IHOP, Little Caesars, Applebee's, Chilis, Hooters, and so many others give you free MEALS just for going and having proof of service on you so yeah maybe I shouldn't complain when I get a day to get free things, but maybe just maybe those top 3 worst deals could do better so I wouldn't have to sound so whiny.

Worst Deal

  • BJ's

  • Wendys

  • Einstein Bagel Bros.

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