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Wild Nothing – Indigo

Artist: Wild Nothing

Genre: Alt

Sub-Genres: 80’s synth, Dream Pop

Label: Captured Tracks

Non-Airable Tracks: None


Wild Nothing is Jack Tatum’s dream pop project. Indigo is an 70’s – 80’s indie film dream soundtrack. On the title track, via Genius, Tatum asks why people call something dream pop? He answers “one easy answer is that it sounds kind of washy or impenetrable”,”really what are dreams? Your dreams are this mishmash of memory.” A lot of the topics on this album are recollections, trying to connect the past to present but with a hazy, questioning lens on.  This album sounds very futuristic but dreamy and also vintage. Even the album art which is incredible by the way, shout out Aaron Denton, has a 70’s golden era look to it. The opening track, Letting Go has an an incredible line that says “letting go, I want to be happier now, I want to be more than clothes” which just speaks to me on a spiritual level.

The closing track bend, is a twirling vacuum into the end of the album. The chorus of the song where he says “moon is low tonight” sounds exactly and I mean EXACTLY like Duran Duran so I think my dad would enjoy the song. In the flip-book inside the cd case, there was fine print that read “track 11 written by Jack Tatum AND MITSKI, MITSKI!!! Can you believe I almost missed that? Print isn’t dead kids, it still has purpose.

In all, this album is great. I think the best way to listen to it is to just close your eyes and lie down.

Sounds Like: Duran Duran, Beach Fossils

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Letting Go: just a nice dreamy song

  2. Partners in Motion: very futuristic, the beginning reminds me of full house somehow

Reviewer’s Name: Javi Perez

Date of Review: 10/10/18

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