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Where's YOUR head at!?

If you like Basement Jaxx, you’re probably one of the coolest people I’ll ever meet. If you like 100 gecs, I’ll bet you moshed, hard, at one of the shows on their recent tour. If you like both, do I have news for you! On Tuesday, November 14th, the two collaborated to make a remix of Basement Jaxx’s “Where’s Your Head At” called “where’s my head at _”. First of all, it’s amazing and everything you’d expect from the groups. The single’s cover art is a combination of the two's names: 100 Jaxx. A perfect way to encapsulate the vibes of Basement Jaxx’s original track with a 100 gecs twist. The song starts with a sped-up version of the original track, which 100 gecs fans will notice is a signature move by the duo. The members of 100 gecs, Laura Les and Dylan Brady, never fail to create memorable productions with the inclusion of fast-paced backing tracks, uncertain sounds of unknown origin, and lots of bass. 2001’s “Where’s Your Head At'' was released long before Les and Brady were a music-making duo but its influence on the dance scene and worldwide popularity has made it a classic among indie-rock-electro-house fans. Basement Jaxx made a cryptic but exciting Instagram post of the “100 Jaxx” cover art with the caption

“Tomorrow 😈” which 100 gecs then reposted on their Instagram story, thrilling fans of both groups. Since its release this morning, I have been listening nonstop, especially while writing this piece. In the second half of the song, the pounding, almost static-y production is reminiscent of the Kid Cudi, MGMT, and Ratatat collaboration “Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)” - another staple house party track. “where’s my head at _” makes me want to run in circles, lose my mind at a 100 gecs concert, and jump in a cold pool, in that order. This new track doesn’t change lyrically from the original one but it is about 2 minutes shorter and is likely aimed for a different audience. Having seen 100 gecs live at the Van Buren, I can picture people going insane to this song at a dark and cramped venue with the lights strobing and distorting concertgoers' faces. It’s a song with bass that moves you and production that confuses you. In March 2023, 100 gecs performed their remix of “Where’s Your Head At” during their set at the Boiler Room Los Angeles and has since become a much-desired track to be released. The LA performance was “packed [with] tracks by many of their influences into a wildly energetic set” according to Fader’s David Renshaw and I can only imagine the reactions to this unpredictable remix. Reception to the release by 100 gecs and Basement Jaxx fans alike has been positive. I’ve been tracking some of the responses to the song on X, formerly Twitter, and some fans are now requesting more played-but-never-released remixes from 100 gecs. TLDR: the combination of a well-known, nearly perfect song with 2023 hyperpop production works so well on so many levels. #Stream100Jaxx

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