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Weekly Wind Down

Written, edited, and reviewed by members of KAMP student radio

This Week in Culture/Arts

Written by: Catherine Hill

Published: April 7, 2022

Spoon— Lucifer on the Sofa

*(The album was released this past February but I discovered it today so here’s my hot take review):

-Reminds me of Modest Mouse but calmer.

-It’s the sound of walking through a really long dream that changes the closer you try to pay attention to the narrative arc.

-Also sounds similar to Cats Empire but chilled out.

Songs from the track that I like:

-My babe

-The underdog

-The way we get by

-On the radio (a little repetitive but still a banger)

-Astral jacket

The band uses drums, the piano, cymbals, tambourines, clapping, and many more instruments throughout their songs in this album! All of these sounds are refreshing to listen to and create an upbeat lyrical narrative that I devoured in one sitting. The album cannot decide on one single vibe and that’s wonderful—it kept me actively listening to each song as each song brought a new theme. Because every song is different I interpret the theme to be intentionally set up as an abstract collection. The beauty of this album is that you could pick out a single song to listen to without the context of the others, and I think that’s wonderful.

Written by: Rhiannon S. Cox

Published: April 7, 2022

Tucson Museum of Art Hosts Free Family Day

This Sunday, April 10th from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, the Tucson Museum of Art will be hosting a free family day known as Second SundAZe. This event includes free museum admission as well as artmaking activities in the museum’s plaza. Previous Second SundAZe activities include flower stencils, paper weaving, and storytimes in the galleries.

Current exhibitions at TMA include Patrick Martinez: Look What You Created, featuring artworks from LA based artist Patrick Martinez that address the themes of loss, discrimination, and displacement in communities of color, inspired by the events of 2020. Additionally, Brad Kahlhamer: 11:59 to Tucson showcases the works of Brad Kahlhamer where he explores his life and identity as an Indigenous man adopted by white parents. Tickets for Second SundAZe can be reserved at

This Week in Politics

Written by: Alex Sanchez

Published: April 7, 2022

Ketanji Brown Jackson

After months of a lengthy evaluation process with various politicians, Ketanj Brown Jackson has now been confirmed as the first African American woman to the Supreme Court. This is a historic moment for America and despite the conservative lawmakers who tried to prevent this historic moment from happening it is now official. Something to emphasize with Jackson's confirmation is the disapproval from most Conservatives. This is interesting considering how they reacted and went about with Amy Coney Barrett's hearings. A lot of approval on their end and even rushing through the hearings to get her in before Trump's term ran out. Considering Jackson was way more qualified than Barrett it seems very uncoincidental that Jackson was given a hard time when going through her hearing. Some could say the reason for this was race, political alignment, or gender. While it could be all it is not any. They were perfectly fine with Barrett but it is not a good look at how they reacted to both hearings.

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