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Weekly Wind Down

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This Week in Culture/Arts

Written by : Alex Sanchez

Published: February 20, 2022

Kanye West: Jeen-yuhs

Kanye West has had a long history of being a very polarizing artist from him interrupting Taylor Swift's MTV Music Award speech to his modern-day beef with Pete Davidson. Doing all of this while also being one of the top-selling artists of the 21st century ( He has a very long and turbulent career. Were you ever curious to see how it all began though? While with the documentary “Jeen-yuhs” you can.

The first installment of the 3-part documentary was released this past week. It shows a young 19-year-old Kanye West as Clarence Simmons(a former comedian) drops everything to document this young rapper/producer's career. “Simmons, a former stand-up comic who met Kanye in the mid-1990s….His narration and observation help mold what often seems like a collection of home video clips into a compelling story” ( We see as Kanye goes from being a producer who would make beats for other rappers to trying to make his way into the rap industry as a rapper himself. The first installment of this documentary series is a very interesting and emotionally compelling story as we see Kanye struggle to land a record deal with rap labels. We even get to see him with his mother who eventually passed away in 2007, and how supportive she was of him and how close they were as mother and son. Like him or not I think everyone should at least check out the first installment of this documentary.

This Week in Politics

Written by: Rhiannon S. Cox

Published: February 20, 2022

New Bill Proposed to Protect Children’s Internet Safety

With the rise of social media use among kids and teens, questions have been posed on how to keep them safe online. Currently, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act requires U.S. based websites to receive parental consent to collect information from children under 13. However, this law was effective in April 2000, and the internet has evolved since then. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal and Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn have introduced the Kids Online Safety Act which aims to protect minors from the impacts of social media on mental health and safety.

This bill would ban sites from promoting harmful topics such as suicide, self harm, eating disorders, substance abuse, and bullying. Additionally, parents of children under sixteen would be able to set up parental controls, restricting certain content, screen time, and recommendations based on the site’s algorithm. Websites would also be required to publish reports on their risk to children, following an information leak that revealed Instagram had negative effects on children’s mental health and self image.

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